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Ultimate Quality has been the hallmark of TAG Heuer’s Swiss-made, avant-garde timepieces since Edouard Heuer first founded our company in 1860. At our watchmaking factory in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland, we combine time-honored manual craftsmanship with the highest grade materials and the most advanced technologies. Here are just a few examples…

  • All TAG Heuer timepieces are manufactured in 316L stainless steel, the same steel used to manufacture surgery equipment. This alloy is ultra-resistant and it guarantees that your TAG Heuer will never oxidize.
  • Each TAG Heuer watch dial requires over 120 operations and the input of 28 specialists to manufacture.
  • Before being made available for purchase, each TAG Heuer timepiece undergoes 60 quality assessment tests, including water resistance and impact resistance. A final inspection is performed on each watch by an expert watchmaker who certifies the perfection of the entire piece.

It’s through painstaking processes such as these, honed over multiple generations, that we create precision timepieces of enduring sophistication. For more details about TAG Heuer’s manufacturing process, please visit our US brand site.

To ensure genuine quality, buy direct

From the materials, to the manufacture, to the packaging itself, we have taken meticulous steps to make certain that each piece we offer is entirely authentic. If you choose to buy a TAG Heuer, please buy direct from our Online Boutique, from one of our Boutiques, or from an Authorized Retailer across the country. Only timepieces purchased through these official outlets will qualify for coverage under our international warranty and be eligible for service and maintenance by TAG Heuer. It’s an investment in a piece that will be with you for years to come.

To find a TAG Heuer Boutique or Authorized Retailer near you, please click here.